What I will be reflecting on?

I can’t believe it, but it’s my bloggerversary today! Yes, in 2012 I wrote my first post, a little tentatively, a little unsure, not with any clear idea of what I would write about, and in some ways how I would write. I’ve calculated that this is my 9,873rd post – I had no idea when I started I would get so far! It was in my mind that I would use it to write about my writing and publicise my books. I had just self-published Farholm on Kindle and couldn’t imagine how anyone would know about it unless I could somehow share my news. I got in touch with the local radio station and was featured there, ditto the local press – but how to go further afield? Blogging!

Since I started I’ve written about so many different things, about my life as well as my writing, about other books, films, tv, music as well as my own books, about completely random stuff, and places, food, pubs, people – gosh, so much, and I’ve loved it. I once wrote about keeping a diary and how I had never managed to, and someone very kindly said that this was my diary, and yes indeed it actually is.

What I never imagined, and what has been so wonderful, is that the people who have made comments and become so important to me I now count as my friends. You know who you are, and thank you!! Last year I mentioned such a friend from Canada who I was saddened to learn had died. He’d been ‘with’ me, almost from when I started, and I genuinely mourned him. Luckily other friends are very much with me, and I not only appreciate their comments and observations, but cherish them.

Writing here is now part of my life, an important part, and has drifted away from what I first thought I might do here, but this drift has been invaluable in so many unexpected and wonderful ways. I can’t imagine not writing here, and look forward to continuing, and wonder what I will be reflecting on in my next bloggerversary!


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