A really engaging book

One of the very best things about writing here is the friends I’ve made through it.  Friends I know read what I write, however, there are others who I feel as if I know because of comments they’ve made and virtual conversations we’ve had. I feel as if we’ve actually met through reading  their blogs and getting to know them through their writing – and in some cases their art. For example:


I hope you will click on this link, because it will take you to a specific post from the very talented Rosie Scribblah, aka Rose Davies. Rose has recently illustrated a book by Dewi Bowen and Olwyn Pritchard, ‘Hunting the Wild Megalith’. The book follows Dewi’s efforts to trace the trail of King Arthur’s legendary hunt for Twrch Trwyth, a mythical wild boar, possibly of Irish origin.  It had occurred to Dewi that there might be a real trail which could be followed, guided by standing stones and ancient stone monuments, old place-names and even astronomy.  The book follows his quest from St. David’s across south Wales to the River Severn, with the help of Olwyn who’s an archaeologist. It’s a really engaging book, described as “a curious mix of scholarly research and half-remembered Silurian songlines.”

I’d followed the progress of this book with great interest. Ancient times, early Neolithic history, standing stones and stone monuments,  prehistoric trackways going back to the very earliest of people on these islands, myths and legends, weird stuff, arty stuff – paintings and drawings, all my favourite things! There was no doubt that I’d get the book as soon as I was able!! I wanted to join the hunt for that wild megalith!

I’m enjoying reading the book, it’s fascinating, even though I’ve never been to the areas described, I can imagine them and it’s provoking a lot of thought, and inspiration. It’s beautifully written and illustrated, and so clear in the evidence it offers. I know that when I finish it I’ll have to start it again, partly because it contains so much, but also because it’s a gripping read!

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