Light through trees on water, I can’t explain why I find this so magical, and in fact I think it has been a fairly recent thing. I was always a swimmer, sadly no longer, and as a young person i was able to swim in rivers and the sea as well as swimming pools. River water was for the most part clean in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire in those times of my youth. Maybe it wasn’t as clean as i remember, but I never came across anything unpleasant floating in it, apart from the occasional piece of broken tree, or clump of weed, or dead creature. Certainly there was never any effluent as it’s so uncharmingly described.

Light on water I knew well, but that extra dimension of mystery, light through trees on water, fist captivated me a few years ago on a family holiday in Kent. As we drove through the gorgeous countryside, there seemed no end of little pools and ponds in stands of trees, and as we passed there was the glint of light on the surface. Now whenever I see it I have to stop and just gaze, entranced, and maybe if I can take a photo.

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