Down the Dolph tonight

We went down the Dolph tonight, I mean of course that we drifted down to our local pub, the Dolphin, tonight. We’ve lived in the village for nearly twenty-three years, but had associations with the pub for almost twenty years more, My dad lived in Uphill next to the Dolphin from the early eighties, we moved down at the millennium.

We went to the pub last night too – our regular night is Tuesday which is quiz night, but we often go there   around the weekend. We decided we would go again tonight as there was music on.  The present landlords haven’t been with us for that long, less than a year, and they are brilliant, so we want to do all we cal to support them.  We arrived and the pub was pleasantly full. I went down to the other bar where the music was happening. It was packed down that end, and the singer was belting out some popular numbers. I retreated to our usual end of the pub where some of the Am-Drams, the local amateur dramatic  society were sitting with their pints and joined them.

The pub was packed, and it was great to have that happy, friendly, pubby atmosphere! We chatted, we caught up, we had a few drinks. we listened to the gig in the other bar, brilliant! It was relaxed, it was friendly, it was homely, it was perfect!

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