To the village of Walberswick

It was over twenty years ago, well over, when my four cousins had a brilliant idea, for them and partners and children, us and our children, and another aunt and uncle, should go on a family holiday together. We went away for a week at Easter to Derbyshire, and that began a tradition which endured right up until last year. There were a few years we missed, the death of their father, the death of our aunty, lockdown of course, but last year we reunited once again in Derbyshire. By this time there were their four children and partners, our two children, and a large number of grandchildren! We had a wonderful time as always but it was becoming almost impossible to organise with having sufficient bedrooms, a big enough dining table, facilities for that number. However, the idea of having a holiday together lingered on, it was always such good fun, we always had such a good time, there were always so many hilarious stories…

This year the ten adults – the two of us, four cousins and partners went away for a long weekend to the gorgeous east coast county of Suffolk, to the village of Walberswick. It may seem like an unusual name but it comes from a Saxon land owner, Waldber, and wyc meaning a harbour. It’s a most lovely and attractive and interesting place, but sadly, like many seaside towns and villages although it has many houses, it does not have many permanent residents as they are mostly second homes or holiday accommodation.  It’s a dilemma because of course people like us want to have a seaside holiday and need somewhere to stay. When a house becomes empty, local people often can’t afford it because they are sold as these second homes and businesses!

We were lucky with wonderful mild weather and we spent the weekend doing various things, mainly walking, around the village, along the shore, or venturing further afield to the town of Southwold which can be reached by a footbridge across the river Blyth.  We each did our own thing but also joined each other if we were wandering in the same direction, always happy in each other’s company, but equally happy to venture off in a different direction. In the evening we had wonderful meals and much wine and even more conversation and frivolity. It was wonderfully relaxing and refreshing, staying in a most comfortable and almost luxurious house which had been owned by the same family for almost a hundred years.

Despite the long hours travelling, we would love to return, and maybe spend longer exploring even further afield.

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