At least I have remembered this

I’ve mentioned this before but it has struck me again. I have friends who keep the most wonderful notebooks to jot things down, ideas, inspirations, observations, conversations,  not only to be used later in writing or drawing/painting. I’ve tried on countless occasions to do the same but I keep forgetting I have a notebook, and often my untidy and sometimes illegible writing renders my jottings rather pointless. Recently I have started noting things down on my phone, and this has to some extent been more successful, I can at least read what I’ve written, but understanding it is sometimes a challenge.

Here is a sample of the current ‘page’:

Jack le Gruin – I heard this name in the doctor’s surgery and thought what a great name it was; maybe he will appear in a story
It would have been smoky, in those days it would have been smoky, a bluesy haze hanging between the lights and our heads. – I have no idea who said this, if it was someone I overheard, or if I said this to someone or thought it, no clue at all!
Who cares about truth, it’s your life experience. – as above, no clue!
Freeze order. Another mystery
Ian Knight’s Zulu history, – at least I have remembered this, a recommendation by a cousin’s husband of a book he enjoyed and found fascinating!
Laxfield. We must have passed a sign when we were driving home from a weekend away: Laxfield is a small ancient village in northern Suffolk, says Wikipedia. Apparently it is halfway between Framlingham and Halesworth but why did I make a note of it? We didn’t visit or pass through, I know nothing about it except what I am leaning right now from the village’s interesting website.
The Lost Art of Finding our Way. This is a book which I must have heard of, read about or seen somewhere; it is by John Edward Huth and reading the blurb I realise why I noted it, because it sounds fascinating, and the title tells exactly what it’s about. I’m going to obtain a copy,
Talking about William Byrd. I heard some wonderful music on BBC Radio 3 and the announcer told me after it finished that it was by William Byrd; I must find out more.
D & F Jewellers Birmingham. I noted this today; a friend worked there and it is a jewellery company founded in 1786, and there have been seven generations making exquisite and unique jewellery. They make the most wonderful and exciting pieces, sadly way beyond anything I could ever afford!

Well, some of my notes may still be a mystery, but most of them are useful reminders which I will pursue!


  1. andrewbeechroad

    Try reading the midnight note to yourself after a night in the pub …. a one idea translate into something half decent …the 4 pint idea is an ilegiable scrawl

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  2. J Walters

    Or try reading something after you’ve written it in the dark! I have repeatedly convinced myself that, having written daily all my life, I can easily roll our words in pen without a light. Absolutely not. Very embarrassing and I can’t for the life of me think why I still do it from time to time.

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