I promise you, I did not laugh

We went to Port Isaac today. Actually I should say we went to Port Isaac again today, or more accurately, we went back to Port Isaac  today. It was a day trip in which we spent about an hour there, and then returned home on a circuitous route, through Devon, Cornwall and Somerset on A and B roads, not the motorway. What was the reason for our day trip? Well it was connected to the weekend we spent there a fortnight ago. If you’ve read any of my posts before, you might know I’m very absent minded, and in some ways quite careless – I’m too often thinking about something completely different, or living in my latest story not the real world. You might even think that I had accidentally left something behind in the lovely cottage we had been staying in. You would be right, but only partially. Yes, I confess, I left my hairbrush there. This however was not the reason for our return.

Honestly, I promise you, I did not laugh when it turned out that husband had left his very expensive camera, in his camera bag and along with several other attachments and gadgets and important expensive stuff, under the table in the dining area. He had also left Walter the walking stick which he’s had to use because of a foot injury. We contacted the necessary contacts, and the people now holidaying in the delightful accommodation would be available to hand over the items which were safely stored in a locked cupboard in the bathroom.  I made no comment at all until there was a murmured suggestion that I should have noticed the camera bag and contents were there because husband had been to the car parked a couple of hundred yards away and back and was merely locking up while I gathered everything. I pointed out, rather firmly, actually, that I had a backpack on my back, another on my front, plus a large carrier bag in either hand full of stuff. Enough said.

We had a splendid non-stop drive to Port Isaac, and while I waited in the carpark, the friendly occupants of the cottage let husband in to retrieve his things. Unfortunately, the cupboard was safely and securely locked, but no-one had a key! Fortunately, the problem was solved before too long, and eventually husband plus camera in camera bag, Walter the walking stick and my hairbrush found their way back to the carpark where i was waiting! After that, with everything securely locked away and out of sight, we wandered down int the village and had a lovely and satisfying breakfast and I tried very hard not to feel to smug that most of the forgotten things had been nothing to do with me!


    1. Lois

      For some reason they were in the spare room, which is at present the holding area for all the books I’m bravely getting rid of! I thought I had checked there, but maybe my mind had wandered to the books and I forgot to look for the trousers!

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