I’m really not superstitious

I’m really not superstitious, not at all, I wasn’t one to take a lucky something-or-another into exams, or wear lucky socks before an interview… Actually, I probably never had an interview wearing socks, not that I was barefoot but I would have made an effort and wore smart clothes and stockings  – in the olden days and tights more recently. I don’t have a lucky colour, although I do like green, but not because it might bring me luck, I just like it. Maybe it reminds me of the river, which wasn’t exactly green, except for the weeds. I might say ‘fingers crossed!’  or wish someone good luck before they embark on something, but that’s just an expression, isn’t it. Isn’t it?

So since I’m not superstitious, why do I throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder if I ever accidentally spill any? Why, if I accidentally put something on back to front, do I not take it off and put it on the right way round? I might take it off but would put something else on instead, otherwise I would wear it back to front. I did that with my nightie last night, even though the label stuck into my neck and irritated. Why do I search my pockets for a couple of coins to throw in a stream if I’m crossing one? Why do I scan the sky, rooftops, trees and bushes for another magpie if I have caught sight of a singleton – even if I have greeted the one I’ve just seen in a cheery and friendly way? Why am I pleased when a black cat crosses in front of me, but indifferent to any other colour of cat? A new moon through glass? A definite no, but greeting a new moon when you see her outside – definitely!  Wishbones have to be snapped and a wish made by the person with the right part and if I see a discarded penny, I always have to pick it up. I could go on…

I’m really not superstitious at all, there really isn’t any such thing as good and bad luck, but I do always avoid walking under ladders – something might get dropped on me from above!

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