I am a writer living in the west of England; I have written fourrteen novels, my latest being 'Winterdyke' This is the latest of the seven Radwinter genealogical mysteries series, all available on Amazon - the eighth in the series due to appear in early summer. I have written seven other novels, a guide to writing, three stories for reluctant readers and two anthologies with other writers. All are available as eBooks and paperbacks. I hope my blog will engage you with my other interests, music, family history travel, and food... Most of all I hope you engage with my writing and my thoughts on the process... at least, on my process!! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Putting your readers on the right train….

Having arrived at the right station for catching the train through your story to your destination, the end, it is important to know who your travelling companions are. Characters The reader relies on the writer to give them information about the characters. Names are important; think how old a person is as names often relate to age, an old […]


You have an idea for your story…

The next thing to think about is…. Your readers! Think about your audience! For a start, who are your readers? Adults, children, teachers, friends…? Be aware of them and how they may read your story and what they may read into your story… or perhaps not understand! Your audience is not watching a play, film […]