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Foundations for learning?

Having seen how well tutorial systems can work in schools, I was keen to introduce one to the pupil referral unit where I worked before I gave up teaching to write full time. As I have mentioned previously, our young people had many issues and difficulties which we tried to address and support them to overcome in their last year of statutory education. […]


Dancing round the Maypole

Originally posted on Lois Elsden:
Mayday has been a  holiday in Britain since 1978 when it was introduced as a bank holiday and celebration of the workers of this country; however, Mayday had been celebrated  for many hundreds of years before then. It may have started as a spring or early summer festival going back thousands of years and involves the…


The Story of Mick… teaching Macbeth

I taught 15-16 year olds in a pupil referral unit; this is an educational establishment for young people who can’t or won’t function within the ordinary state system. We taught them in their last year of statutory education, just one year to turn them around and get them some decent exam results so they would have a realistic chance of a  future, in education, […]


Oh dear… what a lot of work to do…

  I’m just mentioning again, the foolish thing I did unwittingly which will create a lot of unnecessary work for me. I’m just mentioning it again as a warning to others…. In an effort to do a little housekeeping, I went through my media library and deleted a lot of photos which I thought I wouldn’t use […]