Bits and pieces

This is the place for posts which don’t fit into other categories… unless they were a category all to themselves!

What a spectacle

I was going through an old box of bits and bobs (or bits and bats if you prefer) and I came across this The firm of Dollond and Aitchison is a well-known chain of opticians, although it has now been absorbed by Boots. Dollonds started in 1750, but the Aitchison side of the partnership was much younger, it […]


Summer comes to Somerrset!

I feel quite guilty that I have been so negative about the weather recently when so many people have suffered so badly at every extreme of climatic conditions. I’ve been moaning about our lack of vegetables, but our lives and those of our children don’t depend on our crops coming to harvest or failing. That to one side, I am so […]


on Weston’s Grand Pier

    The Grand Pier is not just a long promenade out into the sea, at the end there is a funfair, just the thing for rainy days on holiday! Tremendously loud, music, rides, machines, screams… but great if you like that sort of thing, and plenty of kids do!       Time for a cup of coffee, I […]