Food is not just a necessity for life, it enhances and enriches our lives. I love every aspect of food… not just eating it! I love cooking, and growing things, I love recipe books and cookery programmes, I love talking about food, reading restaurant menus… but most of all, sitting round a table in good company enjoying a wonderful meal!

Not cheesy enough!

It was our wedding anniversary at th end of October, and I made up a hamper of goodies for my beloved… including several cheeses, one of which we hadn’t tried before. We left it for a few days, then had a look… I have to say that it was rather disappointing… maybe we were just unlucky, maybe […]


Too much cauli? It has to be piccalilli!

I bought a huge cauliflower and made some rather gorgeous soup… however as Bari doesn’t like cauliflower, I was left with half a cauli the size of a football. The obvious answer to this cauli-glut was to make it into piccalilli… which I did. I took a lovely picture of all the vegetables cut up and soaking in brine, cauliflower, cucumber, marrow, […]