Axbridge (2)

You can guess from the name that this Somerset town has the River Axe flowing nearby. It is such a pretty little town, I am surprised it’s not in constant use as a film set! Many of the buildings are totally unspoiled and in a very good state of repair. This area has been inhabited since earliest times, […]



A brilliant December day along Bridgwater Bay in Somerset. To the south are the Quantock Hills, to the west across the sea is Wales and to the north, beyond the peninsular of Brean Down, is Weston-super-Mare. Even Hinkley Point the nuclear power station (shiver) looks unthreatening in the glorious sunshine.      


Elche… Elx…

  The other day as we were shopping for bananas and tomatoes, I noticed a fruit crate with a logo I recognised… We visited Elche when we went to Spain several years ago; it is a most beautiful city and was where we saw the medieval fair. The Dama de Elche is a famous bust nearly 2,400 […]