clotted cream

Controversial… outrage in the tea rooms!

I’ve written several times about the cream tea debate; it’s something which has divided friends and families, colleagues and work mates across the nation, almost as much (if not more) than the other incendiary topic – MIF vs TIF – in the world of tea is it milk in first, or tea in first? (I […]


I won a prize!

I adore Rodda’s clotted cream… it is just the best! They have started to make butter… and somehow I won a prize which was some delicious, delicious butter (I confess, I tasted it just on its own, no bread, no toast, just butter! As well as the butter was a tub of clotted cream… I […]


The great debate

When I was teaching as part of the English syllabus, students had to debate and discuss.  I tried to choose topics which they would find interesting and engaging and have some opinion on. I tried all the usual topics, capital punishment, abortion, student grants, religion… I tried local issues, what should happen to the Tropicana, should Weston have a skate-park, should they build the Severn barrage… I tried […]