The fine food of Britain

I’ve been enjoying my new little book by Philip Harben, Traditional Dishes of Britain; each chapter is full of observations, stories and reminiscences… some of what he writes might seem a little controversial now… but he wrote it nearly sixty-five years ago, so it’s not surprising.

Here is what I’m looking forward to finding out about – according to Mr H.:

  1. Cornish pasty
  2. Richmond maids of honour
  3. the most wonderful fish in the sea (herring – kippers, bloaters, red herring, Bismarks, pickled herring, rollmops)
  4. Bakewell pudding
  5. Hindle Wakes
  6. Yorkshire pudding
  7. shortbread
  8. Lancashire hotpot
  9. bread
  10. scones
  11. the buns of Britain (Chelsea buns, Bath buns, hot cross buns, the Holborn bun)
  12. Simnel cake
  13. pancakes
  14. steak and kidney pudding
  15. muffins and crumpets
  16. mincemeat
  17. syllabub (and frozen Virginia syllabub)
  18. dumplings (suet,  Norfolk, savoury)
  19. whitebait
  20. Melton Mowbray pie
  21. jellied eels
  22. haggis
  23. clotted cream
  24. fish and chips
  25. Welsh bakestone cakes
  26. Eccles cakes
  27. tripe
  28. Christmas pudding
  29. whelks, cockles and winkles

Some of these things I have never heard of, so I’m also looking forward to researching them!



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