River Tone

The Somersetshire Drainage Act of 1877

“Stockland, Bridgwater & Pawlett, Cannington & Wembdon, West Sedgemoor, Langport and Kings Sedgemoor & Cary Valley were formed under the Somersetshire Drainage Act of 1877” Since late medieval times there had been Commissioners of Sewers for Somerset; they had been responsible for a massive area of 160,000 acres. There were ‘officials’ known as ‘viewers and […]


Autumn in Taunton

Taunton is our county town, and the River Tone flows through it; it is thirty-two miles long and rises in the Brendon Hills near the beautifully named Huish Champflower. The river does not flow directly into the sea but joins the River Parratett at Burrowbridge. Standing on the Tone Bridge, looking along the river with Deller’s […]