Going round the back ways

it was a lovely day today and we went down to Taunton, our county town. I’ve written about it before, it’s a favourite place of mine… and i could imagine living there, it has a comfortable feel and interesting buildings. It’s not a big town, smaller than Weston-super-Mare where I live, it had a population of just over 61,000 in 2001… no doubt there are more people living here now though, thirteen years later!

It gets its name from the river which runs through it, the Tone, and there has been settlement on the site for thousands of years, but it was in Saxon times that the town became more significant. We go and visit fairly frequently, and we usually park in the Pig Market car park… which I guess is where the old pig market used to be! We walk through a rather uninspiring little shopping mall and then wander down the main street and have a look at the river; we might wander on a bit and then wander back. We might have a cup of coffee, and then have a look in a book shop or two.

Today, instead of walking along the main streets I took the back ways, cutting behind many of the shops; it was a beautiful sunny day and some of the old buildings glowed under the bright sky. The sun was low and it was difficult to avoid catching the shadows in the narrow streets.

DSCF6209There were lots of people walking about, cutting through the narrow lanes, and suddenly I came across the church of St Mary Magdalene, but from a different angle from usual.



What a pleasant day we had!



  1. david lewis

    I never get over how close everywhere is in England. Youv’e been to Cheddar and now Taunton in the last few weeks, and both in less than an hours drive.Both so close and yet so different and so much to see.Where I live in Sault Ste Marie Canada it is a 500 mile drive to Toronto with little of interest in between. When my cousin came over for a visit from Manchester he remarked that he had seen enough trees and rocks to last a lifetime! There is some spectactular scenery but that soon wears on you. I can easily see why some English people I know get so homesick. When I went back to visit England they called me a colonial and asked me where I left my axe.I found it funny but I think they meant it sarcastically. I guess you can take an Englishman away from England but you can”t take England from his heart. I left there at ten years old.Go figure!


    1. Lois

      I think we’re lucky here in Somerset, David, there is such a variety of different places so near to us. Friends and family who visit us love it because they can go to so many different places, hills, sea, beaches, marshes and wet lands as well as the different towns and cities! Do you know Wells? Have you seen the film ‘Hot Fuzz’ – it’s filmed in Wells so its great to see!
      Two different cousins of ours lived in Canada… and both found the huge spaces difficult to cope with! My son visited Toronto and loved it…
      I used to live in Manchester, by the way!


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