The Norfolk Zeppelin raids

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m writing the next Thomas Radwinter story, and in this one, Thomas investigates the ancestry of his wife Kylie. Her father is Tobagan and her mother English, and to begin with he looks at the English side of her family and discovers that her grandmother as a little […]


More fishy nicknames

I’m sure other countries give people nick-names, and certainly it happens here. In Sheringham, fishermen used to be given the most imaginative, and sometimes downright strange nick-names! How or why would someone called Grimes get the nick name of Honey, Saffron or Jockey? With Belcher Johnson or Drips Little it doesn’t take much to guess […]


Beach huts

When we lived in Cambridge as children, ear friends of ours had a beach hut in Frinton, a rather posh and exclusive Essex resort. I’m not sure how often we went there, but my memory seems to tell me that it was several times each summer. I know we had sunny warm days there with […]