Beach huts


When we lived in Cambridge as children, ear friends of ours had a beach hut in Frinton, a rather posh and exclusive Essex resort. I’m not sure how often we went there, but my memory seems to tell me that it was several times each summer. I know we had sunny warm days there with our friends, they had three boys, one the same age as me, one very dashing and much older (he was at least three years older than us!) and one younger. They had family who lived there,so after a day at the beach, sometimes we would go back to their aunty’s home for a proper high tea.

The beach hut itself was about the size of those in my picture which are at Sheringham in Norfolk, not Frinton-on-Sea in Essex. However, I seem to remember it having a door in the middle, and windows either side of the door. I can’t quite remember what was inside, but there may have been a bench seat running round the walls. Whatever, I was enchanted by it,and still would love to have a beach hut; in the meantime, I have a summer house in the garden which my husband bought me which is equally enchanting.

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