More on Mr Harben’s soups

Philip Harben was an intriguing character and interesting and popular media personality; born in 1906 to theatrical parents, he wrote many cookery books and presented the first TV cookery show. I have a little book he wrote in 1946, just after the war – or at least, that was when it was published, no doubt […]



When my dear mother-in-law moved from a small flat into somewhere more suitable for her needs, we helped her sort everything out, including going through the kitchen cupboards. it had all got a bit much for her, and we found some interesting things. She was an excellent cook and until she had a fall she would […]


More soupy tales

I’m getting a little carried away with my soup making now… leek and potato yesterday, a version of minestrone the day before! My technique has certainly improved but I still have a texture/flavour balance problem… so any advice would be welcome. My soups are always very thick, and I do mean very thick… how do […]