Exciting times… part 2, down in Taunton with the BBC!

As a self-published author,  I have to generate my own publicity. At first I thought that might be easier said than done, but as a writer I have to be imaginative and creative so I have applied those skills in trying to promote FARHOLM.

Last week I had a great write up and a photo in our local newspaper, The Weston Mercury, today I travelled down to our beautiful county town of Taunton to meet Emma Britton of BBC Somerset. Emma wanted to interview me on her morning show and although slightly nervous I was excited and happy to accept her invitation. We drove through glorious spring sunshine to Taunton, a fine and favourite town in South Somerset.

BBC Somerset lives in an attractive old white cottage opposite Somerset County Hall and round the corner from Taunton Castle.

I was welcomed in and ushered into Emma’s studio where she greeted me warmly. I was fascinated how Emma delivered her show, and tried to concentrate on being interested rather than being nervous.

I tried to make our interview sound like a conversation, tried not to be tongue-tied and tried not to have too many ‘ers’, ‘ums’, ‘sort ofs’ and ‘you knows’. Emma was a great host and asked some pertinent and interesting questions and I hope I responded with pertinent and interesting answers! We discussed traditional and on-line publishing, vanity publishing, and my own writing and of course, FARHOLM. She also interviewed Phil Jones, deputy editor of ‘The Book Seller’ who gave a view on self-publishing or indie publishing as it is now called,  from the professional side of publishing. .

My interview is available on-line for seven days from the 28th March 2012 at



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