Beetroot soup… inspiration from a friend


There was a programme on Radio 3 last night about social networking friends… needless to say there were opinions of every shade from negative to full on positive. Well, as I’ve made some of my best friends in hyperspace I am very positive!!


On holiday with my lovely friend Elly

Some of my on-line friends I have never met, for example, Saman. He is a geologist and gifted photographer from Kurdistan and I’ve had many ‘chats’ with him. Sometimes he posts pictures of wonderful meals and inspired by this I looked up a recipe for… beetroot soup.

I love beetroot, and love the idea of borscht, that eastern European speciality; however, I have never liked the beetroot soup I made, it always seems earthy and with an off-putting metallic taste. However I found a recipe which suggests peeling the beetroot before you cook them… conventionally you wash them only, boil them in their skins and then peel them when they are cooked.

I peeled my raw beetroot, it looked as if murder had been committed, red everywhere! I boiled them and used the red cooking  liquor for the soup. I made the soup in the ordinary way, with onions and herbs and spices and seasoning , rubbed it through a sieve, added a little vegetable stock, thickened with cornflour, garnished with coriander and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Look at the colour!

Thank you Saman!


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