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I love the English….Don’t you?  I mean, after all, they have been one of our strongest allies in matters of world affairs, and aside from that whole Revolutionary War thing, have been our closest friends.  Maggie Thatcher was the BOMB.  I so miss her.  And the Queen….Don’t let her fool you.  She looks like a sweet little old lady, but she is tough as nails.Brits are generally considered to be a genteel and proper sort, often standing on the same propriety that their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Good manners and social formalities, although a bit more relaxed today, are still widely practiced. And the English ladies aren’t afraid to wear great hats!

Which makes it seem even funnier to me that they would give their food names like Spotted Dick, and Cock A Leekie Soup.  Oh, the thoughts running through my head right now (medical conditions, freckles in the wrong…

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