Mmmm cheese!

A lovely selection of cheeses from Wooton Organic Dairy

I love cheese… I like hard cheeses, soft cheeses, blue cheeses. I love cheese made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, buffalo milk… I just love cheese.

Every Thursday in our county town of Taunton there is a little market and there is a stall selling Wooton Organic Dairy cheese. I first came across it a couple of months ago and although I don’t like yoghurt was tempted to buy some of their sheep’s yoghurt. There was a young man selling the cheese and I wondered if maybe he was one of the Bartlett brothers who run the dairy… James maybe, or David?

Sheep’s yoghurt

I don’t like yoghurt… but I loved this!

I looked up the dairy and found this information : “James and David Bartlett run the organic family farm and dairy based in North Wootton, a small village near Shepton Mallet. The distinctive black and white label was designed by David and is now well recognised on their products throughout the West Country. Mary Holbrook of Timsbury gave them her recipe for Little Ryding along with some lessons after deciding to concentrate on goats’ cheese. After a year of experimentation the Bartlett brothers’ cheese went on sale in Spring 2004. They now make cheese three days a week, producing some 450 cheeses, large and small each week. They only use milk from their own flock of sheep. ‘All the boys have names but we don’t have that much imagination to give names to all the girls!’ says James Bartlett and it is clear that the sheep are very much part of the family too!”

Last Thursday I was back in Taunton and there was the cheese stall; a lady was behind the stall this time.  I bought some more yoghurt, and a selection of cheeses from the many they had on offer.

Millstone – a hard sheep’s cheese
Shepherd’s Crook – a mould ripened sheep’s cheese
A very ripe Old Burford – mould ripened cow’s milk cheese

The next post will be on my sampling!


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