A little cheesy…

So it was time to try the cheese I bought in Taunton. I bought three cheeses from Wootton Organic Dairy stall on Taunton market; the cheeses are made by the Bartlett brothers on the delightfully named Sunnyside Farm

A lovely selection of cheeses from Wootton Organic Dairy

I decided to start with the Old Burford, described as “rich and creamy mould ripened cheese” made from Jersey cows’ milk.

I peeled off the label and opened the wax paper:

It was obviously ripe, but still pleasantly firm to a soft touch. The mould was velvety and smelled good, a nice strong, quite sharp smell.

It looked attractive when I cut into it, creamy and still a little firm inside.

I tried a little of the crust – I’m perverse like that, I nearly always do with soft cheeses! It was pleasantly salty and quite tasty – in a crusty sort of way!

… and then to try the cheese, first on its own and then with an oatcake. It had a lovely texture, a nice bite… just enough saltiness… but somehow the flavour died away. it was a good cheese, but the flavour just wasn’t full enough for me. I left it for a few more days and tried it again, very pleasant, but not enough oomph!

I will definitely buy it again and try it again, maybe the sheep had an off day!


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