A generous gift!

While staying with cousins recently, I admired their lovely slate cheese board, and the attractive knives that went with it! we are a very cheesy family, so it usually finishes a meal. Imagine how delighted I was o Christmas morning to open this gift from them! How very kind and thoughtful… it will be well-used!


Not cheesy enough!

It was our wedding anniversary at th end of October, and I made up a hamper of goodies for my beloved… including several cheeses, one of which we hadn’t tried before. We left it for a few days, then had a look… I have to say that it was rather disappointing… maybe we were just unlucky, maybe […]


As good as it looks… no, better!

I’d not heard of this cheese before but was attracted by the little ceramic pot and by the fact it was reduced in price as it was coming up to its sell-by date… I won’t leap onto my sell-by date and best-before hobbyhorse, that’s for another time… Anyway I bought this cheese… It has a very pleasant smell, strong, but not as […]