Very Inspiring Blogger Award… an exciting spur to my writing!

Up early (well, earlyish) on a Saturday morning to continue my last grapple with ROSA before publication next week…

But first I wouild like to say a huge thank you to  creativeliz who has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Wow! I’m thrilled!… and a little awestruck; when I look through the other nominations, I’m in splendid company! I’ve followed creativeliz‘s blog for a while and always enjoy her posts, I would recommend you visit her and see why!

As part of accepting the reward I have to nominate others whose blogs I enjoy and admire, and I am delighted to share the following bloggers with you:

brainsnorts inc  – I always enjoy Rich’s posts, he never fails to amuse me and makes some interesting points too!

Ross Mountney’s Notebook – Ross writes so well, a most intelligent blogger, about many subjects but she is so interesting on home schooling. Ross also has a way of making me smile, sometimes by a subtle use of language, but often she is just genuinely funny

wedgeintheround – I love cheese, in fact I travel quite a long way to markets and shops to buy something different or unusual. This is an excellent blog for cheese lovers – and anyone else who is interested in great photos and good writing

creative noshing – the title of this blog says it all!!

cmpblue’s Blog – Crista is a new blogger, but I nominate her because I know she has so much to share with us

Five Reflections – the master of the haiku… it is the most difficult of poetry forms. I so admire David as my worst writing vice is too many words, perhaps my next novel should be written as a series of haikus!

Fiona Grows Food – a gardener from Dublin…  a most interesting and encouraging read; we suffer from typical English weather in our garden, it cheers and inspires me to find out how Fiona copes with typical Irish weather!

The Sand County – Jeremy is a very favourite blogger of mine. He wonderfully captures what he sees and feels in the simplest way. I love his poems – and his pictures, he really ought to get himself published so others can enjoy his work

The Iceland Experience – a young Belgian who visited Iceland on holiday and now wants to go and live there, who is learning Icelandic and planning her move… fascinating!

loonyliterature – is not loony at all. A most interesting and unusual blogger, a great story teller who I’m sure will grip you… in the best possible way!

Zen and Genki – extraordinary pictures, such a creative blog!

Carl D’Agostino – I demand you visit Carl’s page!!! You won’t regret it!

thedeafchef  – if you love food, and after all, we need nourishment to keep writing, then visit this blog!

Anupadin – this blog charts how to live a Buddhist life in modern Britain with all the little ups and downs of every day

 Subhan Zein – I am sure you will enjoy Subhan’s writing, and pictures!
 fiaz – I love fiaz’s illustrations, so clever and always make me smile
Now the rules of the award ask that I share seven facts about myself… well here goes…
  1. I used to take part in a swimming race each year called The Swim Through Cambridge – which was literally that. It was a swimming race along the River Cam through the old University city of Cambridge…. I came 3rd, I came 2nd … but I never managed to win it!
  2. I once worked in a pickle onion factory… the first hour there, us workers just wept with the smell of the onions, then we got used to it! An Indian friend who used kohl, always looked as if she was weeping black tears!
  3. Every year the fair used to come to Midsummer’s Common in Cambridge; I wasn’t a great one for frightening rides but I adored the Jollity Farm, and I still love carousels! 
  4. We took our children to Ireland when they were tiny; my daughter had her first birthday there and we just love it 
  5. I am learning Irish Gaelic… Tá beagán Gaeilge agam!
  6. My great-grandfather was born in Tasmania… it is my dream to visit and walk the streets he walked
  7. I like beer!
    Do the things you want to do!



  1. rich

    well isn’t that a wonderful thing for you to think of me. and for me to be thought of at the same time as loony, well that just puts the icing on the cake. thanks.


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