Organic cheeses… part 2

So… our cheese purchase from Taunton market… time to taste and test… Shepherd’s Crook This is a soft ewe’s milk cheese made by the Bartlett Brothers of Sunnyside Farm in their Wootton Organic dairy.

What a jolly little sheep!

Open the wrapping and the cheese is obviously ripe, a nice aroma of straw and a faint sheepy smell. Nice clean firm crust, soft mould, altogether a pleasing looking cheese!

A rather lop-sided image of a nice cheese.

It cut nicely and as you can see it was a little bit oozy but still firm in the centre. I nibbled a little rind, salty and quite strongly flavoured – more so than the Old Burford. The cheese itself was very pleasant and with a longer fuller finish than the Old Burford. It had a sweet earthy flavour and matured nicely over the next few days although it did not become any more runny… but I don’t think it was supposed to! Verdict? A good cheese!

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