Anyone for an Otter

Beer is a living thing and should be brewed and kept with respect, poured with respect and drunk with respect. We are so lucky in our pub, the Dolphin, that owners and managers alike understand this… because the locals (customers) certainly do!

The beer on at the moment is otter from Honiton in Devon:

I really recommend you vist this site because not only does it tell you all about the beer, it has some lovely pics too!

I like Otter because it is nice and bitter, not too hoppy or malty – but just enough! It has a lovely colour, a good nose and a long taste – the flavours don’t vanish the moment the ales is down your throat! It has a nuttiness without being too sweet.. in fact it is just a very fine beer!


The wags in the Dolphin made up this beer pump for the landlord and land lady whose surname is Hodder:

‘Hodder’ with a Somerset accent sounds a lot like ‘Otter’ with a Somerset accent!


  1. Jeremy Nathan Marks

    It is always great to get out and enjoy the good and fine things in life. I am not a frequent drinker but I do love going to a pub with character and having a good conversation. It is one of life’s joys.

    This also makes me think of George Orwell’s “The Moon Under Water.”


      1. Zen and Genki

        That’s lovely, Lois, thank you! I’ve already received the Very Inspiring Blogger award, so I won’t participate in the process again, but thank you so very much for thinking to nominate me- I’m very flattered 🙂 (and congrats on your award too!)


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