A mysterious love affair…

Once there was a man, born Louis Frederick Moses, in Hobart Tasmania in 1845 who fell in love with a woman, Lois Penney who was born on the other side of the world in Northamptonshire, England.

Louis in Tasmania

Louis, who changed his surname to Walford was from an extremely wealthy Jewish family who had a large property, Boa Vista in Hobart; on their return to England in the 1860’s they acquired a house on Regent’s park in London… a very very wealthy family. Louis stayed in Tasmania until some time between 1876 and 1881.

Lois came from a more ordinary family but who eventually became comfortable off themselves, with a factory making baskets in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. This was some time after Lois had left home; as a child her father was a basket maker; in the days before light alloys and plastics baskets of all shapes and sizes were vital to everyday life and commerce.

Somehow, somewhere, Louis and Lois met; he a strict Jew, she a Gentile they were not able to marry. They loved each other… and against all convention, they lived together and had five children, George, Horace, Ida, Nelson and Edward. In census records Lois is described as the housekeeper to Louis and his children, and only takes his name after 1895… Why did she changer name then? Because tragically Louis died, just before his 50th birthday.


    1. Lois

      I don’t… but at the moment I am actually wearing a South African rugby shirt, I was messaged by a South African friend, and was given a hug by a South African friend in the pub tonight… so I think I ought to go and look for nursemyra!


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