A house with a heart…

I’ve added a new couple of photos having visited this lovely house again today!
Read more about it at http://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/

Lois Elsden

I ended up at Manchester Polytechnic purely by accident; back in the sixties, if you wanted to study English at University you had to have Latin and for various reasons I did not have O-level Latin… but that’s another story. There were 13 universities I could apply for… none of them were interested in me and like a lot of students I went through what is known as ‘clearing,’ and so ended up at the College of Commerce, otherwise known as Colcom, within Manchester Polytechnic.

I met the best friends in the world and before long there was a group of five of us who were very close;  In 1974 or maybe it was 1975, one of our group, John  decided that rather than living in bedsits and flats, he would buy a house, and he found the details of a large, three bedroomed  property on Beech Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

At that time I was working at Manchester Airport, the others were teachers and as I worked shifts I was free…

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