River Cruise on Board M.C. Belle, August 31st, September 1st, 1937


This morning we had our usual swim, the weather being lovely and warm with the sun shining. We had breakfast and cleared the boat up and went to fetch milk from the farm. We then made our way to Wilton Road Bridge and walked 1 1/2 miles to Wilton where we bought some chops and provisions. We arrived at Cross Water again in time for dinner then had a good rest to work off the effects. The afternoon was spent in sun bathing and fishing and finished with a long swim through the locks. My luck was in as far as fishing was concerned this evening and several good specimens of roach were landed.

Perch (credit Algerdas)


After the usual routine of swimming and breakfast we decided that we would walk into Lakenheath for some pollard and stores. It was quite an interesting walk about 4 miles along the bank of the lode river. We saw half way along the bank where they were installing a large pipe to contain fen drainage from the small fen into the large fen.

The land is so flat this photo almost looks upside down.

After dinner as it was rather windy we played at cribbage and fished, likewise in the evening. Another pleasant evening in the Dragon was spent playing darts with the landlord’s daughter and a regular customer. Percy was engaged in a game of dominoes with the people from the auxiliary yacht “Spree” which came up this evening.

I don’t think many 18 year-olds would be buying chops and pollard ( a type of chubb, a river fish) for their lunch! Cribbage is a popular card game where the score is kept on a crib board, using peg markers stuck in holes.

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