Next book… maybe a love story?

I am thrilled at the response I have had for my first two novels published as e-books, ‘Farholm’ and ‘Rosa’, but now I’m thinking of what to publish next. I am thinking of ‘Loving Judah’, which – although there is some action, is really a love story. The hook is what the ending will be… will he, won’t he? Will she, should she?

The story does not just deal with romantic love but also the love of a father for his child, a wife for her husband, a child for its parents… and inevitably there is disappointment and sadness, betrayal and failure as well as the strong and enduring love of true friendship.

Life isn’t really a fairy tale… but sometimes you do find a prince!

The inspiration for Judah came from a news story about someone who betrays not only their closest friends and those who love them, but also family and colleagues and others who have expectations, maybe unrealistic expectations of what someone should be and how they should live. No-one is ever perfect, even the best of us has a chink, and the worst of us has feet of clay whatever the shining image.

The characters are all from my imagination, although their appearance was sometimes triggered by real people, although I hasten to add that the real person (usually unknown to me) is not the slightest bit like my character. For example, Gideon Mercer in my story looks superficially like the historian, author and TV presenter, Michael Wood.

However, Gideon is unmarried and a vicar:

Michael Wood – from his book ‘In Search of Myths and Heroes,’ (credit Steve Razzetti)

“Hmm, a career vicar, if you ask me,” said Sandi, writing something on her pad. “You know what I mean; he’s too good-looking and intelligent to be in the ministry for any other reason than to become a bishop before he’s forty.”

Sandi herself looks a little like my very dear friend Wendy, tall, blond and lovely. When Sandi and Aislin, the main character, talk about their adventures when young, it could be me and Wendy talking… although we never went on an earth-mother retreat in Glastonbury… Sandi and Aislin’s adventures are all in my imagination!

Peter Whitamore, Aislin’s husband looks superficially like a deputy head at a school where I worked; he was a kind and gentle man and I’m sure would never behave as Peter did in my story!

So… maybe the story of Aislin, her husband Peter, and Peter’s son Judah will be my next published novel… maybe!

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