Summer comes to Somerrset!

I feel quite guilty that I have been so negative about the weather recently when so many people have suffered so badly at every extreme of climatic conditions. I’ve been moaning about our lack of vegetables, but our lives and those of our children don’t depend on our crops coming to harvest or failing.

That to one side, I am so enjoying the lovely summer sunshine we now have; to sit outside, to wander around without coats and jumpers, not to shiver, I’m loving it!

Look at the blue sky! Look at the sunny pastures of Brent Knoll! You can’t see the sheep happily grazing up there, but they are!

Having lunch in the garden we were joined by our neighbours’ cat, Smirnoff who thinks he owns us.

Mmmm, sunshine….


Hey! You birds, be quiet, I’m trying to sunbathe here!


… and what are you looking at?

The name Somerset comes from summer settlers, or summer settlement, a seasonal farmstead which was abandoned in wet and chilly winter time when the flat fenlands, the Levels,  would flood. The local people would drive their animals up onto hill pastures for the winter then return to their summer settlement as the season changed.


  1. grumpytyke

    Hope you keep the weather till mid-August when we’ll be making a short stop in Somerset to see a cousin who has a plant nursery near Broadway. We’ll be on our way for a couple of weeks in Cornwall. I haven’t been that way for decades but have happy memories of stop offs at a farm near Bridgewater when I was a teenager.


  2. Jeremy Nathan Marks

    I am glad you are finally getting some fine weather. And I hope it holds on too.

    This summer has been unusual here because it has been so dry and we’ve had more than our usual share of sunlight. London, Ontario is normally pretty dreary much of the year so I am just trying to be thankful for all of that light (even though the heat and drought concern me).


      1. Jeremy Nathan Marks

        I’d like to think so. . . 🙂

        Though dull days get to me too, especially where my “job” (my dissertation) is concerned!


      2. Lois

        Dissertation…that word strikes terror and despair into so many hearts… I remember it well… but I’m sure you are neither terrified nor in despair!


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