Oh dear… what a lot of work to do…


I’m just mentioning again, the foolish thing I did unwittingly which will create a lot of unnecessary work for me. I’m just mentioning it again as a warning to others….

In an effort to do a little housekeeping, I went through my media library and deleted a lot of photos which I thought I wouldn’t use again in future posts… not realizing that when they are deleted from the library they are deleted from the posts as well! I knew I had cleared out a lot of pics… but as I go through checking old posts to make sure everything is as it should be I have come across page after page of missing photos…

I will reload them, but it will take time… and for every one I reload I will have to delete a really unused one from the library to make room… what a pain!

Oh well, a lesson learned…

And I apologize to everyone who looks at my blog and sees those annoying little empty squares with a mysterious caption beneath!


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