Easter holiday with the family

Each year my four cousins and their families, and me with my family, go on holiday together. We first did this ten years ago at Easter, and went to the Ebenezer Chapel in Derbyshire, near Belper. Some of the older generation came too, my cousins father Ken, and our Aunty Audrey and Uncle Sid. We had a wonderful time together, nearly thirty of us staying in an old converted chapel… in fact we did it again the following two years, again in Derbyshire. With the exception of one year, we have continued the tradition and stayed in various lovely parts of the country which have houses big enough to accommodate us.

Because it is not easy to find  large properties with the right number of bedrooms, the right sized bedrooms and with our other family requirements we are already booked for 2014 when we will go to Norfolk.

Next year, 2013, we are going into the south-west, to lovely Devon:

I think we are quite a remarkable family to enjoy each other’s company so much and to work hard to keep us united. We share some times of sadness, our older members passing away, partners who drift away… but we also celebrate with great joy our happy times, the most recent being the announcement of the engagement of my cousin Diana to her partner Ian.

My novel about the Portbraddens is about a very, very different family, and in no way are any of the cousins in my fiction modelled or based on my own dear cousins… but the idea of a family who persevere to overcome their differences in this modern world and stay united comes as from my own experiences.

Our motto, family first!


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