Step away from your character! Step away!

Busy editing ‘Loving Judah’ which I wrote several years ago and I can now see that when I wrote it I ‘became’ Aislin McManus… whoa! I am not Aislin… she’s a completely different person, married to Peter and living in Yorkshire. This has partly happened because although not in the first person, the whole narrative is from Aislin’s point of view.

Aislin lives in Yorkshire, I live in Somerset

To combat this I am spending a lot of my ‘thinking time’ (washing up, ironing, walking to the shop…) looking at the story from other characters’ points of view. This means that when I am in their heads I have to have their history and their story behind how ‘I’ look at Aislin and have conversations with her or do things which affect her.  I have always tried to do this and sometimes I have even written down the others’ stories, not to be put into the book but just to get perspective on the main character.

As well as making the character more consistent, this process sometimes uncovers errors and mistakes so it is really valuable at this stage.


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