The sea, the sea…

Water is my natural element, I think I could swim before I could walk, and as a child I spent hours and hours in swimming pools, in, on and by the river, and in the sea whenever I could.

I posted earlier about the tragedy of the little boy who fell into the sea near us here in Somerset, and now the news is full of another terrible, terrible tragedy this time in Scotland. Two loving dads took their children out in a canoe on the calm and lovely waters of Gairloch, a sea loch in the Highlands. The children were wearing life jackets… but somehow something terrible happened and the families went into the water. A brave little eight-year old, Callie Mackay,  swam to the shore and raised the alarm and her dad managed to save her little five-year old sister Gracie. The two little boys aged five and two were rescued from the sea but for them it was too late… their father’s body is still missing. I have read the news this morning that little Gracie has also died…

I can’t express my sadness over this incident, this terrible tragedy, a lovely family day that ended in disaster… As a parent I keep thinking of all the times I was in the sea with my children…


  1. Jeremy Nathan Marks

    I’m glad you shared this. My wife and I are in the midst of a discussion about what you might call “unforeseen tragedy” (maybe “unforeseen” is a redundant word).

    I love the sea too and have spent much of my life visiting it and trying to be near it. In other words, I feel what you are talking about here.


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