I’m in a quandary…

The end is in sight with the editing of ‘Loving Judah’ – well, almost in sight and it should be published in October; I have yet to fix a date but you will be the first to know when it will be available on Amazon!

However… I am already thinking ahead to the next novel. I have two completed drafts of other novels and I can’t decide which should come next so I would appreciate your input.

‘Night Vision’ is a novel about secrets so I hope my readers will not only be intrigued and puzzled, but will be kept guessing to the end, and I hope when they reach the end they will have one final surprise on the last page!. ‘Night Vision’ is set around my imaginary town of Strand and in the nearby old forest of Camel Wood. The main characters are Beulah and Neil Cameron, a couple whose two grown-up sons  have left home, and who who have just moved  to Strand.

Neil is starting a new career at the University of Strand and Beulah is looking for a new challenge having given up her old job in Manchester when they moved. This might sound fairly normal but the real reason for their move was Neil’s irrational jealousy of Beulah’s best friend, an unfounded and violent jealousy which almost split their marriage.

However, their new beginning in Strand is rocked when Beulah discovers Neil has secrets of his own… and then she finds a skeleton in a boatyard…

Beulah discovers many secrets in Camel Wood

‘The Double Act’ is set in the same area as ‘Night Vision’, but in the small seaside town of Easthope where a group of school friends, now in their thirties, still live close to each other, involved in each other’s lives. Genet and Lance MacCauley have just opened a small hotel/bed and breakfast and rented the cottage at the bottom of the garden to a couple from South Africa, the Herricks.

The Herricks seem very pleasant; Pamela is in a wheelchair but is a funny and sweet woman. Her husband  Joost, on secondment to Strand University, is more taciturn but is friendly enough and they are welcomed into the MaCauley’s group of friends.

As summer’s long days bring sunshine to Easthope, dark things begin to happen, acts of vandalism and violence seem to centre on Genet and her friends, they seem targeted by some malevolence which started when the Herricks arrived. Genet begins to realise that despite her long marriage to Lance, there is a side to him she doesn’t know, and she learns some awful secrets about his seemingly normal and loving family.

The second half of the book is very different; violence, murder, and abduction… who should Genet fear, and is she strong enough to survive?

A pretty place… but dark things swirl below the surface

Now, what do you think… which would you like to read first?

‘Night Vision’

‘The Double Act’


  1. Zen

    Hmm. Personally, Night Vision is something that appeals to me more. I like books that have secrets and keep me guessing till the very end. The Double Act seems intriguing too, but I was more drawn to the first story!


  2. Barbro Donithan

    I recently got an Ipad and will order your first book from Amazon. and….yes, I am excited. Most likely after that, I will immediately move into your next two books. I am proud of the progress you have made. Great


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