More from the boatyard…

We live by the sea and there is a little marina and boatyard in the village. We often have a wander about, always lots of things to look at and photograph.

It is such a romantic idea to have a boat, but they are expensive to keep and maintain, even little ones, and the idea of sailing is sometimes more enjoyable than the reality. For various reasons, boat owns who probably spent thousands on their craft, let them decay and die… so sad.

This has also been an inspiration to me and there are several scenes set in a boat yard at the fictitious place of Westope in my novel “Night Vision.” My main character, Beulah Cameron, has some strange and frightening experiences there, but also learns some truths which change her life – literally. I won’t say any more just yet… I will be working on “Night Vision” once “Loving Judah” is published later this month.

In the meantime…


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