The downhill path

I’ve finished going through ‘Loving Judah’ with a scythe and lost nearly 7,000 excess words… I just get carried away when I write! I have to go through the second half again eliminating words which I use repetitively .. I’m over fond of ‘just’ for example! Then I shall go back to the beginning and read it out loud to myself, at least once, trying to refine the text, iron out any contradictions  omissions and mistakes. Then i shall read it backwards, last chapter first, then the penultimate chapter, and through back to the beginning… a useful way to double-check for errors!

I have yet to find a cover for it… but I have a few candidate photos. I haven’t quite mastered Microsoft 7’s picture tools so I’ll edit the cover on an old lap top we have… then we should be ready to rock and roll! I have not yet got a publication date in mind except it will be in October… I guess it could always be my wedding anniversary on the 28th!

I am so nearly there, I’m quite excited!

I’m as happy as a pig in… mud!




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