Counting down…

Counting down… I immediately think of David Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’ but I’m only launching my next novel!

‘Loving Judah’ will be available from Amazon as an e-book next Wednesday!! Hurrah – or oh heck! I feel as if I have so much still to do, although I’ve been working on it for a couple of months now. As usual, as I work my way through the editing process, new things strike me about my work, and as I refine what I have written themes emerge which were previously only hinted at but are, in actual fact, important – no, crucial to the book.

So… six days, and counting down!

Maybe this will be the cover… you’ll have to wait and see!





  1. Wendy

    Lois, buying ‘Loving Judah’ is top of my list of things to do next week, so I’m counting down too.
    Having read both Farholme, and The Stalking… I am a keen fan. Please don’t stop!


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