A gloomy autumn afternoon

It wasn’t raining and when we set out the afternoon was quite bright… however the clocks had changed, it’s no longer British summer time but back to GMT so we were slightly later leaving home than we meant to be.

We went to the little village of Congresbury, roughly halfway between Weston and Bristol. It’s named after St Congar, nothing to do with eels, but ‘on dériver son nom de Saint Conger, fils d’un empereur d’Orient, qui s’y rertira pour éviter les persécutions des on pere, et y fonda une collegiale ou il a eté entre…’ which I think means Saint Congar was the son of an Western emperor who escaped the persecution by his father and settle on the banks of the River Yeo in Somerset, where the village now is.

Find out more here: http://www.congresburyhistory.org.uk/congar/congar.html

It was quite dull by the time we arrived, but we had a pleasant walk and a little explore.

A rather dull River Yeo… a few weeks ago it burst its banks and all these pastures were flooded; this beech tree would have stood up to its trunk in water
An elegant swan wearing a fetching green ribbon
At least the birds won’t go hungry
A rather handsome deserted house; I was standing in a ditch to take this photo – that’s my excuse for the angle!
I guess this pub is called the Plough
Another handsome house; the neighbour has the light on, the evening is drawing in
We’re going back to the car and Mr and Mrs Swan and the kids are heading home too

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