River Yeo

The Somersetshire Drainage Act of 1877

“Stockland, Bridgwater & Pawlett, Cannington & Wembdon, West Sedgemoor, Langport and Kings Sedgemoor & Cary Valley were formed under the Somersetshire Drainage Act of 1877” Since late medieval times there had been Commissioners of Sewers for Somerset; they had been responsible for a massive area of 160,000 acres. There were ‘officials’ known as ‘viewers and […]


A gloomy autumn afternoon

It wasn’t raining and when we set out the afternoon was quite bright… however the clocks had changed, it’s no longer British summer time but back to GMT so we were slightly later leaving home than we meant to be. We went to the little village of Congresbury, roughly halfway between Weston and Bristol. It’s named after St Congar, nothing to […]