St Lawrence, and his church at Wick

The church of St Lawrence gives its name to the village of Wick St Lawrence, which is a little village just north of Weston-super-Mare, on a river called the Slutspil, which is quite a strange name. The church dates from the sixteenth century, and as you can see, it is quite a simple church,but very, very nice… it has a lovely peaceful, restful atmosphere, and I can imagine its parishioners very much value the atmosphere when they come for services here.

DSCF6410The Slutspil is a creek which leads onto the River Yeo; the name Wick is quite common as part of the name of many English towns and can mean little settlement, but here it probably derives from the Viking word ‘wik’ meaning creek. As we drove into the old part of the village (there is a new and separate housing estate) I noticed a road with the name of Warth which intrigued me; a warth is a polder, and area of reclaimed land, and north of the village there is an area of reclaimed land, the polder. It is low-lying and was inundated in the 1607 tsunami which ravaged the coast of Somerset.

I couldn’t see any information about St Lawrence, but I am guessing he was the martyr, a Spanish saint who died in 258AD in the most horrible fashion, his death involving a gridiron… He is associated with the chalice, the relic supposedly from the Last Supper.

It was very quiet when we visited, the church bathed in lovely spring sunshine, and we thought what a pleasant village Wick St Lawrence is.



  1. david lewis

    I love going with you on your little journeys via google street view. I doubt if I would have found them otherwise and yet I think I have found all the pubs in England by now. The cathedrals at Wells and Ely literally amaze me in there grandeur and science of construction.All the talent and enterprise and of course faith.are unimaginable in this day and age. P.S. Did you see any lichens this time around or are you on a different search, maybe?.


    1. Lois

      I did see some very nice lichens… but they were in the shadows and I didn’t think they would show up well in photos!
      I’m glad you enjoy my little jaunts… there are so many interesting little places not far from us, so we can have an great expedition – without travelling too far.


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