One year on holiday in County Antrim, we walked along by the sea from Dunseverick Harbour. It was a wonderful stroll which had everything, sea, sun, streams, rocks, clambering bits, walky bits, climby bits… and on the way out we passed a small sea stack with a Thermos flask abandoned on a ledge.

It was a bit battered and without a cup, and obviously well-used and probably well-loved. We speculated on the owners, and as it was still slightly warm we guessed they had not been long gone.

We carried on our lovely ramble and mentioned the flask to anyone we saw. Many hours,a picnic and a lot of photos later we returned, and there was the poor flask, still standing waiting for its owner… who would never return.

We had a dilemma; the tide was coming in, the flask would be washed or blown away. To leave it to its fate? Or to take it in the forlorn hope of finding its owner

The thermos flask

Have you ever wondered,
You who abandoned your flask on a rock
Near Dunseverick Castle,
Have you ever thought about your flask?
Do you remember the times you used it, the picnics, the walks
Or taking it to work?
Have you still the cup?
Because when we found it, standing all alone,
A sentinel waiting to be recalled
It had no cup.


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