Too much cauli? It has to be piccalilli!

I bought a huge cauliflower and made some rather gorgeous soup… however as Bari doesn’t like cauliflower, I was left with half a cauli the size of a football.

The obvious answer to this cauli-glut was to make it into piccalilli… which I did.

I took a lovely picture of all the vegetables cut up and soaking in brine, cauliflower, cucumber, marrow, onions, celery, a handful of whole chili peppers.

There was a seriously beautiful picture of a bowl of white vinegar with spices floating in to make the spiced vinegar – allspice, peppercorns, star anise, a couple of large pieces of bruised ginger, a cinnamon stick…

Then there were the progress pics, mustard and ginger added to the rinsed vegetables, everything in the pan and simmering, the cooked vegetables packed in jars (they looked so delicious!) then the mustard sauce being cooked – two lots of ground mustard, one with herbs including tarragon and thyme, the other with chilli,  turmeric and cornflower added for thickening…

And finally there were the triumphant pictures of my jars of piccalilli, brilliant and golden, glowing with sunshine!
Except… there was no card in the camera…

My piccalilli


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