My mum, Monica was born in Winchester and christened in Winchester cathedral. I have no idea how that happened; our family were not religious and even in the twenties would only have gone to church for high-days and holidays, weddings, funerals…. and christenings. All I can think is that my grandfather reg who was very persuasive, somehow managed to arrange it. I have been to Winchester twice, once many, many years ago, and then more recently with my Gaelic group; however we spent all day in doors leaning Gaelic! We had a lightening trip round the museum and then home!

I would love to go back again, and this time have a really good look round!

In Winchester museum

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  1. Richard Guest

    I grew up there, but left in 1987. I’ve tried several times to write fiction about it and failed – it’s a fascinating town – not because of the history (although that is interesting), but because of the people and politics. The cathedral really is the centre of the town – those that are involved form the elite of the town. On the flip-side, Winchester used to have the highest proportion of council properties in England. A pretty potent brew!


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