Loving someone


My novels have many different themes and plot-lines, but the enduring love between two partners is  often part of the story.

In ‘Farholm’ the whole narrative device hinged on the marriage of Deke and Niko, and the secondary story of Michael and his wife Amanda.

In ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ the marriages between the different couples, Luka and Rosa, Rudi and Estelle, Tic and Angel are the pivot of the action.. and then the other relationships, Angel and Vic, Rosa’s sister Gerry and her new husband Napthali are all crucial in the unravelling of the identity of the stalker.

The effect of the death of Aislin’s step-son on her marriage to Peter affects everything in the lives of the characters of ‘Loving Judah’.

I am so lucky that I have married someone who will stand by me through thick and thin and who I absolutely adore.

Beulah, the main character of ‘Night Vision’ thought she had a rock solid marriage… she adores her husband Neil and has no doubt that he adores her too. However, when she becomes friendly with  someone she meets in a lift, a perfectly innocent friendship, her husband becomes ridiculously jealous. Suddenly it seems that Neil mistrusts her about everything, literally everything. He loves her, but doubts that she is faithful to him.

‘Night Vision’ is the story of how Beulah fights to maintain their happy and trusting relationship, even when she discovers that Neil has secrets… secrets concerning a woman who died nearly thirty years ago.

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