Yet more of those days

Here are more of the muffed mumblings of me and my colleagues a couple of years ago… remember we are professionals! As Shelley might have said “Look on my words, ye mighty, and despair!”

  1. He must use a time-keeping machine to try to be on time.
  2.  Having had a very good start in terms 1 and 2, Ashley has fallen off the top of the mountain in terms 3 and 4
  3. bushy eyed and bright tailed
  4. That boy has Tourette’s in his arse
  5. Stop talking me to in that patronosing voice
  6. I think it’s on silent but I can hear it vibrate
  7. He had a face like a slapped fish
  8. She wants a flame retarded filing cabinet
  9. I have something in my eye and I don’t know if it is between my eye and my contact lens or my contact lens and my eye
  10. how do people know whether you’ve voted or not if  its supposed to be unanimous (anonymous)
  11. They’re a law not even to themselves
  12. You now have the chance to wipe the plate clean
  13. I have made an electrocuted decision
  14. It’s like the pot going from black to white, or the kettle and the pot…. What’s the saying?
  15. you could have shot me down with a feather
  16. That’s been his escape goat
  17. Reads like a fish
  18. A Luigi board (Ouija)

Sheridan: there was a very angry male cow in a field
Joey: what do you call a male cow
Sheridan:  a heifer

Joey: or is it just a cow? I think a male cow is just a cow.

Dave: Do you want to see me swallowing my pride?
Lois: that has resonance on so many levels



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