Let them eat cake!!

My mum Monica was a wonderful cook, of everything,  but especially cakes and pastries  When I started making cakes myself, I suddenly realised I didn’t need any  instruction because I remembered so clearly watching her make cakes and buns on countless occasions.

I like baking, but I am nowhere near as good as she was…however, it is great fun and a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, even if the results are a bit lop-sided they usually taste alright!  I do try different recipes, but I nearly always resort to the old faithfuls, and my cookery bible for sweet things is the Be-Ro recipe book.

Newcastle United… my son’s favourite team from the age of 2… his 6th birthday cake
My daughter loves ladybirds, she always has… here’s her 4th birthday cake
It’s Christmas! A traditional cake
Another birthday, my son aged 2
This Christmas cake had a lovely glazed nut topping
A Dundee cake for Christmas this year
It’s Easter so it has to be Simnel cake with lots of marzipan
My daughter’s naming day
Another ladybird birthday cake… it must be for my daughter!
The extra chocolaty chocolate cake for my chocoholic aunty, Audrey
Jelly babies sun-bathing on a biscuit crumb beach by a blue jelly sea
Hedgehog cake
My golfing husband’s cake

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